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Our clients are just as important to the process of delivering great candidates and consultants as we are, in short we cannot do it without your involvement. Surprisingly, the biggest challenge we face is finding clients who want to receive great customer service and who allow us to deliver it.

That might sound strange but once you understand the pressures that clients are under, the limited resources they have available and the deadlines they are working to then it does not seem so odd. The fact is that although they want great customer service they just dont have the time to help make it a reality.

That’s why Saxus was set up! We understand the problems you are facing and we have the experience to find a cost effective, efficent solution that does not add too much to your workload.

Our existing clients see us an extension of their business and 98% of our mandates are repeat business.

Clients stay with us because they:

  • Value the ability to tap into a network we have been building since we were established in 1994.
  • Are assured that we will thoroughly understand a brief that we are given.
  • Know that we will help them identify the selling points of a role and position them well in a highly competitive market.
  • Bring their message to market and represent their brand with integrity.
  • Have confidence in our ability to select the right candidates based upon skill set and culture fit.
  • Help them manage a recruitment process to secure the candidate of their choice.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: A UK based software and services company that provides systems to the financial services market with an international client-base is looking to add a C# Developer to their current team.They are seeking a developer to work with the Development and Support group on their leading edge financial applications. Candidates will be considered with

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