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Bah Humbug!

Bah Humbug!

Christmas seems to be starting earlier every year – with festive treats sneaking into the shops before the sugared nasties of Halloween have been cleared from the shelves.

Whatever your thoughts on Christmas and the Big Man himself – you have to admire his cunning marketing skills – and leadership qualities!

Santa is a genius in my opinion. He has managed to carve out an entire career based on roughly 31 hours work per annum. Not only that, but his powers of delegation know no bounds. The elves and reindeer do most of the hard work – whilst St Nick himself gets to sit around jiggling his ever expanding belly and gobbling up mince pies.

In theory – he shouldn’t be so successful – he leads by delegation – not by example. He rules by fear, no one wants to be on the naughty list… And the working conditions aren’t up to much… The freezing North Pole in the full darkness of winter.. and only elves permitted? Surely that’s against diversity policy? HR would have a field day!!

Yet somehow – we all love him.

Bottom line – is that the true genius of Santa – lies in his presence (presents!!).

He is probably the most recognisable brand in the world. And whatever his management strategies are  – he ALWAYS delivers.. and with a smile on his face!

So take a read of these gems I found whilst trawling the web this week! Santa’s team of marketeers have definitely got some lessons to teach us!

I especially like this risk assessment !!


Merry Christmas from all here at Saxus – Elves (and others!) welcome here!

Keep us on your nice list for next Year!!

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