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Common Values

Common Values

With the departure of Oliver Robbins from Dexeu- the stage is set for some interesting times ahead.

The upheavals that seem to follow the government in relation to how we actually exit the EU shows no sign of abating – and with the alleged disagreements between David Davis and Oliver Robbins still rumbling – this most recent change in the strategists of Brexit shows that disagreement at the highest level has the capacity to throw yet more chaos into our exit discussions

And why should this link to a theme of common values??

Well – Britain voted against a shared vision. Rightly or wrongly remains to be seen – but tide of community spirit seems to be on the way out – in politics and in business.

Our nation, and others, are becoming increasingly disillusioned with togetherness, with community, with common values – and I believe this is bad for everyone.

The more we are only out for ourselves – the more disillusioned we feel. And its easier to blame others – to raise immigration and benefits as the culprits.

To blame a lack of “talent” for not being the best company..

But I believe its more basic than that.

A shared vision, a team – for whatever purpose is immensely satisfying. It provides a sense of fulfilment and motivation over and above monetary gains.

And perhaps this is where our zero working hours Britain is going wrong.

When a business (and a nation) are only thinking about whats in it for them – they breed suspicion and divisiveness.

When everyone is working together – great things are achieved.

Utopian ideals? Maybe so – but the sharing of a common mission / value can lead to places we have only dreamed of.

Take a look at the Best Places to work 2017 report… it makes for interesting reading. I am not seeing too many of those companies reporting the secret to success was winning the “war on talent”..

Instead there are, time and again, reports of togetherness, shared culture, vision – being more than just a place to work!!

“Work has a moral and social significance. It gives us all a reason for being. It gives us dignity, pride and self-esteem” Mike Brown Chief Exec bdht


Common values are good for business – but they are more important for us as humans.

Lets use a shared value approach in more aspects of our lives – and see how “being in this together” is actually a better model for business.

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