Approach and Values

Our clients come first. We want to understand exactly what it is our clients are looking for and we deliver the best possible results. We specialise in IT and technical staffing; providing the right people for the right jobs – from programme and change management to the hardware specialists. We work closely alongside our client-colleagues to ensure the right environment for healthy and successful businesses.

We are:

  1. Collaborative: We work closely with our clients, doing as much on a face to face basis as possible, in order to create a personal relationship. We likewise maintain relationships with staff and consultants: a high level of communication means we can help to improve and nurture busineses and companies in positive work environment that will cater to everyone’s needs.
  2. Honest: We act with integrity. Always.
  3. Independent: We provide independent advice, and work as catalysts to bring disparate groups together to achieve a common goal.
  1. Economical: We believe in a proportionate response: we won’t send in six consultants to do the job of one, and we will not do unnecessary work.
  2. Experienced: We know the IT industry and we understand business. We can ask the relevant questions and spot the relevant skills and details. This allows us to deliver to a high standard. Every time.
  3. We go the extra mile: We treat people as people, and aside from skill levels, we’ll think twice before recommending a parent with a new baby in Reading for a job based in Central London.

What to do with our opposition...

The 5 Big Reasons:

  1. For starters, we do a lot more in person: We actually get to know the candidates. We accompany them to the first interview. After they’re placed, we stop by to see them on site at least twice a month.
  2. Our people know the technology and can talk about it intelligently: So If it’s hard to find a developer with Spring and Hibernate, we know to recommend someone with iBATIS
  3. Our people pick up on the intangibles: We’ll think twice before recommending a family guy who lives in Edinburgh for a commute to a startup in Aberdeen!
  1. We know the community: We actually go to user groups. We know which developers are in short supply and know where to find them. We’ve been in this market a very long time.
  2. Most important of all, we treat you like a human too: We’re not going to call you twice a day, send you six emails, and camp out in your lobby. We have the courtesy to say “no” if you’re asking for someone that can’t be found.

It sounds like common sense, but it’s a really different approach – so different that we’re rarely able to hire recruiters from within our own industry.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: A UK based software and services company that provides systems to the financial services market with an international client-base is looking to add a C# Developer to their current team.They are seeking a developer to work with the Development and Support group on their leading edge financial applications. Candidates will be considered with

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