Talent Management

As a leading IT recruitment agency, Saxus aims to keep your hiring needs simple.

We understand the importance of having a holistic talent strategy and our team will partner with you to design an end-to-end talent attraction and retention strategy that is fit for purpose.

We will ensure you always have the right talent in the right place at the right time. We will find high-quality talent and engage with candidates before your competitors, keeping you ahead of the game.

To optimise your hiring success, we will apply the following 6 recruiting metrics to your business:

  • How do you measure the performance of new hires?
  • How do you define a hiring failure?
  • How much revenue is lost due to unfilled positions?
  • How many high calibre candidates declined an offer?
  • How many hours are your hiring managers involved in recruiting?
  • How do you measure the business impact of your talent attraction strategy?