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Talent Strategy

It would be nonsensical to create a talent pipeline of B2B Integration & EDI Technology Professionals and connect it to a recruitment process that does not work. How do you measure the efficiency of your talent attraction strategy?

The 6 Strategic Categories of Recruiting Metrics:

  • Quality of hire 
    How do you measure the performance of new hires?
  • Failure rate
    How do you define a hiring failure?
  • Vacancy days
    How much revenue is lost due to unfilled positions?
  • Acceptance rate
    How many high calibre candidates declined an offer?
  • Hiring manager time
    How many hours are your hiring managers involved in recruiting?
  • Talent Attraction ROI
    How do you measure the business impact of your talent attraction strategy?

Saxus can help you look for a solution… we have the expertise to help you implement an efficient talent attraction strategy that is quantifiable.